Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ask Ellen: What grades are Anthony and Gracie in? Sophie

Thanks for the question, Sophie.  We haven’t placed them in a grade in the webstrip.  I can tell you that Gracie is in her early elementary school years.  Anthony is slightly older than Gracie, probably about two years.

When the books are published I think you will be able to tell what grade Gracie is in.  In fact, write me again when you figure it out.  OK?

And thanks for following our girl.

Friday, April 13, 2012

What spiritual lesson can we learn from the battle of Jericho?

Ask Ellen: What spiritual lesson can we learn from the battle of Jericho?  Joe.

I saved this question until now.  I thought it would be appropriate since we are in the Book of Joshua.  The spiritual application that I see is the value of liturgical warfare.

The Israelites were up against a formidable opponent.  It was seemingly impossible to bring down the walls of Jericho and lay siege on the city.  Yet the Israelites triumphed.  They answered the battle call with liturgy.  They walk in unified motion, marching around the city.  They blew trumpets as a battle cry and united through music.  And they prayed.

This makes me reflect on what we do at Mass.  We also have a worthy opponent, the world.  Yet we join together with our motions, our words and our music to break down walls.  I think that is the beauty of liturgy.

I encourage you to think about this when you attend Mass this weekend. (especially during this joyous season of Easter).  Pray that you begin to realize the power you have been given through the Liturgy.  Pray that we all do.